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Brianne has been such a strong support for me. Working out regularly has been a struggle for me for many years, but Brianne brings such positivism and presence to my workouts that I look forward to my weekly session. She can think on her feet and adjust exercises immediately if the planned exercise bothers old injuries. I also appreciate that she takes the time to check in with me in between workouts, even if a week has been particularly challenging and I'm not on track to meet my weekly goals. Brianne's energy and passion for fitness have helped me make progress in getting closer to the healthier me that I've wanted for years!


Working with Brianne has made me trust in my body more than I ever thought was possible! I started training with her shortly after a knee injury and I was anxious about getting back into a workout routine. She worked with me on overall body strength, and now I am even stronger than I was before my injury! She has progressed my workouts well beyond what I ever thought I was capable of, and really built up my fitness confidence. She is great at checking in with me, making sure everything is felling good and working well.  Brianne is very passionate about what she does and I couldn’t have accomplished what I have so far without her positive energy and motivation!

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I've been training with Brianne since January 2016 and can say that she is not only a dedicated and talented trainer, but a great personal cheerleader as well. Her enthusiasm and passion for her job make our early morning workouts not only bearable, but enjoyable! And best of all - I can see results!